What is the best bearded dragon substrate?

The substrate is one of the most important and indispensable things in any bearded dragon captive environment. The substrate helps the bearded dragon’s environment to be maintained clean and a comfortable resting place for pets.

There are many types of substrates and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose to buy bearded dragon substrate through suggestions from friends, previous customers or selectively based on your feelings.

However, choosing a substrate is not an easy task and you need to really know the information about the type of substrate to be able to choose the most suitable one.

Maybe this type of substrate is suitable for bearded dragon neighbors, but it may not be suitable for your pet.

If you do not have much experience to choose the best bearded dragon substrate, refer to some of the following:

#1 Tiles

Tile is one of the substrates used by many people for bearded dragon captivity.

Tile is a budget option, it is a durable substrate, easily cleaned and reused many times, and it is also beautiful enough to give a fancy appearance to bearded dragon cages.

There are many types of tiles so you should choose the best substrates bedding bearded dragons easily. You should choose non-slippery tiles, not reflective of light or heat, and have good absorbency.

#2 Shelf liner

The shelf liner is a substrate that has only recently been used with the discovery of bearded dragon breeders.

It is an extremely durable, easy to clean yellow substrate and you do not need to replace it as often as other substrates.

#3 Newspaper

Newspapers and paper towels are the best bedding for bearded dragons for those who looking for an economical option.

Newspapers and paper towels have good absorbency, are soft but very easy to get wet, so it is an ideal environment for bacteria to grow if not replaced promptly.

#4 Sand

The two most commonly used sand types are play sand and calcium sand. Sand provides a soft bed and stimulates bearded dragon dragging.

Although sand gives a nice appearance to the terrarium, it is more vulnerable to bearded dragons’ eyes and nose, and bearded dragons will be able to eat sand above all else.

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