What make the best bearded dragon tanks?

The tank is an indispensable thing for any people who are keeping a bearded dragon. In the natural, bearded dragons come from Australian deserts. Their home is hot, dry, arid regions.

It is needless to say that you can’t turn your home into the desert. However, you can add some devices, extra features, accessories, etc, to mimic and provide your beardie a habitat that most closely with what they have in the natural environment.

You should not add too many things on the tank, your bearded dragon also needs a space to do exercise and walk around. So what you should add into your bearded dragon terrarium?

#1 Set up completely and permanent enclosure

The first thing you should be noted before bring your bearded dragon home is some essential supplies. Your tanks should have substrate, hide box, basking area, food bowl, water bowl and some décor items that you would like.

Where you will put the basking area and where is the cooler area? Bearded dragons are poikilothermic, so they need a place to adjust their body temperature. All of these things should be set up already as soon as the day you bring them home.

#2 Heating and Lighting set up

Providing heating and lighting device are important factors to make the best bearded dragon tank and keep your dragons always happy and healthy.

Depending on your terrarium size, you can choose the best reptile light bulbs. It will light your tank and also provide heat for your pets.

#3 Food and water are always available

When your tank is completely done with those essential things, do not forget food and drink. Bearded dragons prefer to eat insects and vegetables. Base on their age, you should feed them with the right ratio.

Always offer a water bowl filled with clean water. You also should have vitamin and calcium to supplements their diet.

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