Checklist before going to coral stores near me

If you are just getting started your coral keeping hobby, you may feel overwhelmed about all the information, things need to notice and requires lots of research.

Keeping corals in the home tank can be a lot of fun but although challenging for you. So before going to coral stores near me, check our list below to know the basic requirement of coral reefs.

What is the best tank size?

Normally, the tank size will depend on your budget, the size of your pet and how much space you have to place this tank.

But in every case, it always better to buy the tank as large as you can. It is not cheap to buy saltwater but the larger aquarium will give you a higher rate of success, more space to keep your coral and it needs even less maintenance.

You should place your coral tank far away from the door or big windows, also avoid placing your tank direct contact with the sunlight.

What are the essential equipment to set-up a coral reefs tank?

You will have two choices for setting up a tank. An all-in-one coral tank contains all the basic equipment for your coral needs, a quick and easy way to get started in reef keeping.

And the second choice is building on your own, you will need to buy each of the equipment and install them in your tank. These following are the equipment you will need to build your own setup: best aquarium air pumps, Filter, Light systems, Heater, Saltwater, Live Rock & Substrate, Maintenance tools, Test kits & Supplements.

Water parameters to keep corals in a home tank

Alkalinity:  3.2-4.5 meq/L considered optimum.

Salinity 35ppt or 1.0264 is considered optimum.

Temperature- 75 – 80°F (23.5 – 26.5°C)

Phosphate- <0.2ppm

Dissolved Organic Compounds: Although corals can receive nutrients from an organic compound, but this is also lead to the risk of build-up nitrate in the water and harm for your corals.

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