How To Properly Use Poultry Waterer?

It sounds very easy to provide fresh water for poultry while all you need to do are fill the container with water, place it in the coop and allow it easy to access their water whenever they want.

But it is actually not easy as it seems to be, water your poultry requires both experience and your attention. Using the best chicken waterer will help you take care of the chickens more professionally and cleaner.

There are some troubles you might get when water your poultry such as water freezes in the winter, environment factor can stain or rust the waterer, etc.

Therefore, before you get a start on your backyard poultry farming, you should brush up on our tips below for proper usingĀ poultry waterer.

#1 Cleaning the waterer regularly

You may want to add some supplements such as vinegar or vitamin to their water. Although these supplements are good for chicken health since it is can improve the digestion function of chicken and maintain egg production.

However, it might product algae or even rust on your waterer. Due to that, you should wash your waterer regularly for at least once per month with a brush, hot water and soap.

#2 Refresh water in the waterer

Bedding material, dirt or chicken poop may build up in their waterer and make the water contamination. Your poultry does not like to drink dirty water and may stop drinking.

To avoid this, you should frequently replace the water for your chicken.

Moreover, the poultry prefers to drink cool water, during the hot months of summer. It is better to re-up their waterer more frequently.

#3 Preventing water freezes

If you are living in the cold climate area or the temperatures in your living area can drop down below zero in the winter and the water is frozen, there are some ways to solve this problem.

If you have time, you can replace the water twice per day, using warm water.

Using the red heat bulb to warm up the waterer and your poultry.

And the most efficient way is to purchase on the waterer with a heated base that comes with the extension cord.

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